Zumax Microscopes are designed to help you see better so you can focus on providing world-class patient care. Experience the innovative 2380 R2 first hand by scheduling a demo today.

Test Drive the 2380 R2 and Experience the possibilities

Continuous Zoom Magnification

Continuous magnification adjustment from ~1-20x, allowing to get the perfect adjustment each time

Integrated Full 4K HD Camera

Documentation, via an integrated 4K UHD camera which supports the direct transferring of photos into patient files for the convenience of you and your patients

VarioScope Fine Focus

Equipped with VarioScope Fine focus for a variable working distance of 200 – 450mm

Revolutionize Your Practice With Zumax Dental Microscopes

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High Quality Optics

12.5x binocular magnification lenses made with the finest German glass for a lifetime quality insurance

Integrated LED

Superb, integrated LED illumination provides excellent color characteristics and ≥ 100,000 Lux with the working life of over 20,000 hours of continuous use.